The owner of Box of Sunshine seen playing with her hair in front of a cornfield with blue cloudy skies,  captured by Box of Sunshine Studios

Hi! I'm Kelsey.

I'm the creative force behind the camera and the proud owner of Box of Sunshine Studios. In my mind, BOSS started at the tender age of nine, armed with my dad's floppy-disk camera and sketching my "logo" all over my mom's art studio. During high school, you could bet on the fact that I was on the sidelines, eye on the prize through the viewfinder. In college, I started as an art major only to find myself graduating as a teacher. And now, you can find me embracing both roles. 

I never wanted my art, or myself, to be limited or put in a box. And neither should you.

At BOSS, my mission is clear: I want to capture your story. Who you are genuinely. Authentically. Unapologetically.


This is our process:

An expecting father kissing an expecting mother's baby bump while laying in bed,  captured by Box of Sunshine Studios

I. Inquire.

Hey y'all! Great to hear from ya. When you send me an inquiry, you can expect to hear back from me within 48 hours. We'll dive into all the exciting details - who, where, what, when... either over email or a quick phone call! From there, I'll send you a little contract, invoice, perhaps a styling guide, and some FAQs. I'm committed to collaborating with you throughout the entire process!

II. Let's Shoot!

My fav part, of course! I tailor the time to your needs. Got a little baby we gotta keep out of the cold? We'll keep it snappy! Want to document the whole adventure? I'll pack my bags. This is the part where you'll hear me say 'just one more...' a million times, but we'll probably laugh together even more than that.

III. The Aftermath

After the session, I'll head home to work my magic. This is where the majority of my workload comes in, but I promise, it's worth the wait! When your gallery is ready, you'll receive a link in an email. Here, you can view your gallery, order prints, and download as many high-resolution photos as you like. Looking forward to capturing some magic together!

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Currently Northwest IL, but always down to travel!

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